Internship Program


It is not a traditional internship program. It is for those interested in seeking an experience in our shared life of prayer, work, study, service, and fellowship. There are three main components: Educational, Spiritual, and Work.

  1. Educational: Interns meet each day for study session, where they look at specific characteristics of the Kingdom of God (i.e. prayer, work, study, service, fellowship, love, joy, hospitality, peace, reconciliation, etc.) and learn about individuals and groups who have actively sought to demonstrate these characteristics, paying attention to how their own lives can be shaped by these examples.
  2. Spiritual: At Koinonia, we have chosen to live as a house church similar to the early Christians described in the Acts of the Apostles. We have daily chapel, scripture reading, prayer times, and a great deal of fellowship and breaking of bread. The internship is an opportunity to participate in this life.
  3. Work: The third major component is what you would expect of a typical internship. However, again, the internship is an invitation into our way of life, not just the work of our life. The internship is meant to be a holistic experience.

Currently, we offer two year-long sessions: January to January and August to August — and one summer internship: June to August. Adults of all ages may apply — single people, married people, couples with children, single parents with children, etc.

Before applying we invite you to read more about Koinonia Farm. Click here.

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A Year at Koinonia Farm

Former Intern Emily Ling’s highlights from her year at Koinonia Farm.



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