Pecan Orchard
  • A Place of Peace

    A Place of Peace We work to create an environment and a rhythm of life conducive to prayer and contemplation. We dedicate our lives to non-violence, and to the pursuit of peace and reconciliation of all people.

  • A Place of Service

    A Place of Service Service is born out of our life together. Service takes place on and off the farm often in the many small ways we help each other and others. Guests often join us in our work and service.

  • A Place of Fair Trade

    A Place of Fair Trade Whether you purchase chocolate, coffee, or olive oil, know you are buying fair trade products. Our store has a wide variety of food, crafts, books and media from which to choose.

  • A Place of Farming Sustainably

    A Place of Farming Sustainably Koinonia is committed to growing healthy food in healthy soil. We work to care for the earth using practices that are non-toxic.

  • Registration Now Open

    Registration Now Open Join us in Americus, Georgia, for a gathering to celebrate Clarence Jordan’s prophetic witness by plotting how to build up a new world of peace, community, and racial justice today.

Welcome to Koinonia Farm!

And welcome to our new website. We continue to transfer content from our old site so come back often to explore — we're almost 75 years old so there is much to transfer! Explore our site and plan a visit to our community. We are a house of hospitality and we would love to welcome you to the farm.

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“Offering welcome is basic to Christian identity and character,” writes scholar Christine Pohl. Koinonia has been extending hospitality to all since 1942.

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A Word from Clarence


Join us in Americus, Georgia, for a gathering to celebrate Clarence Jordan’s prophetic witness by plotting how to build up a new world of peace, community, and racial justice today. In addition to keynotes from leaders of today’s God Movement, the Symposium will offer trainings in nonviolent direct action, moral fusion organizing, and sustaining practices for Christian community.

Intensive pre-symposium trainings will be offered here at the farm during the day on Thursday, March 8th.

Symposium opens Thursday evening and ends Saturday hosted by the First Baptist Church and First Methodist Church in Americus.

Koinonia Family Reunion to celebrate Koinonia’s 75th Birthday takes place back at the farm on Sunday, March 11.


Wish Koinonia Farm a Happy Birthday!

A big year ahead as Koinonia turns 75. Help us create a walkway to and a prayer garden at Clarence’s Writing Shack to celebrate this momentous occasion.

Donate a commemorative brick to wish Koinonia Farm a Happy Birthday!


Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Fall 2017Pecans Fall 2017

It’s pecan harvest season on the farm! We are working hard to harvest, sort, package, and get our delicious, farm fresh, biologically grown pecans from our trees to your door. We’d love to have you come help us for a few days or a few weeks! There is plenty to do in the sorting room and bakery this time of year, as well as everywhere else on the farm. Register online to come visit and work with us.

Come on Over to the Farm!

Monday-Friday 7:45am in the Koinonia Chapel
Note: Tuesdays and Thursday are abbreviated services

Gathered Worship with Potluck Dinner
Sundays at 6pm in the Jordan House

Hungry? We love to Fellowship over a Meal!

Lunch: Monday-Friday at noon in the Jordan House

Dinner: Tuesday-Thursday at 6pm in the Jordan House

NOTE: Register here in advance so we can be sure to prepare extra helpings

Latest News- Fall 2017
Latest News- Fall 2017

Fall 2017

We have had a busy few weeks of traveling! Michigan for a Habitat for Humanity Affiliates in Motion Conference, Detroit for Christian Community Development Association, and Farmington, Pennsylvania for Nurturing Communities Project were some of our big stops. We love traveling around to see old friends, make new friends, and share our story. We’d love to come see you! Contact us through our website about coming to your next event.



Celebrate Koinonia Farm’s 75th Birthday! Purchase a commemorative brick, customize with your message, and help us build a prayer garden and pathway around Clarence’s Shack. Each brick purchase also supports our life and work at Koinonia Farm. Read more about our commemorative brick project and purchase one today.



Our 2017-2018 Gift Catalog is here! We have something for everyone on your list, whether it’s holiday gifts, birthdays, anniversaries, or just because. Read our Gift Catalog online today and shop in our online farm store for all your Koinonia Favorites.

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