Pecan Orchard
  • A Place of Peace

    A Place of Peace We work to create an environment and a rhythm of life conducive to prayer and contemplation. We dedicate our lives to non-violence, and to the pursuit of peace and reconciliation of all people.

  • A Place of Service

    A Place of Service Service is born out of our life together. Service takes place on and off the farm often in the many small ways we help each other and others. Guests often join us in our work and service.

  • A Place of Community

    A Place of Community Koinonia, a Greek New Testament word, means “communion,” “community” or “fellowship.” Like the first Christians, we worship, work, study, serve, live and eat together.

  • A Place of Farming Sustainably

    A Place of Farming Sustainably Koinonia is committed to growing healthy food in healthy soil. We work to care for the earth using practices that are non-toxic.

  • Come and See!

    Come and See! Come to Koinonia Farm for a visit and see for yourself. We'd love to have you!

Welcome to Koinonia Farm!

And welcome to our new website. We continue to transfer content from our old site so come back often to explore — we're almost 75 years old so there is much to transfer! Explore our site and plan a visit to our community. We are a house of hospitality and we would love to welcome you to the farm.

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“Offering welcome is basic to Christian identity and character,” writes scholar Christine Pohl. Koinonia has been extending hospitality to all since 1942.

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A Word from Clarence

Wish Koinonia Farm a Happy Birthday!

A big year ahead as Koinonia turns 75. Help us create a walkway to and a prayer garden at Clarence’s Writing Shack to celebrate this momentous occasion.

Donate a commemorative brick to wish Koinonia Farm a Happy Birthday!

Prayer Request

Prayer is central to our life together here at Koinonia Farm. Submit your prayer request online and know our community will pray for your intentions.



Your help to secure any items on our wish list is most appreciated.


Winter 2017

The work in the pecan orchards is year round and is always latest news. This picture shows Keith and his helper Judah with the tractor and spraying equipment. With these tools, we spray a special recipe designed to accelerate the decomposition of the biomass left over from the leaf fall. The focus is to return nutrients to the soil. We use no insecticides, pesticides, fungicides or herbicides, but rather focus on increasing the life within the soil, leaves and trees. See how green the grass is and it is wintertime!

Koinonia Turns 75!
As part of the celebration of Koinonia’s 75th Birthday, we want to find 75,000 people willing to donate at least one commemorative brick to be used to build a walkway and a prayer garden. Read more about this project and order your brick today.

Koinonia Farm Then and Now
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