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Fig Tree

By Bren Dubay
September 2022

The office was broken into last night. My first reaction was to pray for the person or persons who did the break-in … I guess that’s indicative of living at Koinonia for so long. 

My second reaction was, “Thank goodness I had taken my computer home.” … I guess that’s indicative of my being a human with more work to do regarding attachment to material possessions.

The Gospel reading at chapel this morning was from John. It’s the one about Nathaniel’s call. 

Jesus said of Nathaniel, “Here is a true child of Israel. There is no duplicity in him.”

He said to Nathaniel, “Before Philip called you, I saw you under the fig tree.” 

Beth and Dan came to Koinonia to be part of the CSAS program – Come, Stay Awhile & Serve. They have been shining lights to us. Dan, a retired Lutheran pastor, gave the reflection in morning chapel today. He shared what the fig tree symbolized in Scripture. It was a sign of prosperity, a comfort zone. He suggested that we think about what our personal fig tree may be. Jesus is calling us away from our fig tree to do what?

My office window is broken. I realized as I listen to Dan that my office is my fig tree. I wouldn’t say that it is all that prosperous looking but I think about the person who came in through the window. Did they see prosperity? From what we know so far, nothing is missing from my office and not much is missing from the entire office building … except for a little bit of food, a few drinks, and a jacket. They were hungry and cold. We would give them all these items and more if they came in through the front door.

I bought a new pair of shoes recently. The kind I can slip on and off easily. Just last night I was thinking about how much I like walking around in socked feet, especially in the office. Now I can’t because there is glass everywhere. Even when it is cleaned up, I’ll be stepping on shards for months to come … Did they need shoes, too? We would give them shoes had they come in through the front door. Did they know that?

Maybe Jesus is calling me away from my fig tree to go out and find more people to invite to come in through the front door.

4 Responses

  1. Deep thoughts Bren. I especially like the ending: “Maybe Jesus is calling me away from my fig tree to go out and find more people to invite to come in through the front door.“ I’ll be thinking on how I too can do just that. Thank you for your reflection. And I’m so sorry your office was broken into!

  2. Such good thoughts and shared words. Thank you for your reflection. Know that you and all of Koinonia are missed, loved, prayed for. Take care, feel the love.

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