By Bren Dubay
July 2021

It doesn’t happen often but recently a member scheduled to share the reflection at morning chapel overslept. For a few seconds — it seemed like hours — an internal panic overwhelmed me. As a last minute woefully unprepared substitute, what did I have to share? After reading the Gospel aloud, I asked everyone to take a deep breath, close our eyes, and be in silence together. It was in the quiet and the exhalation that images came to me. Maybe my words wouldn’t be all that brilliant but I was struck at how the initial panic had dissolved into peace and pictures. 

As I was about to speak, someone else offered to fill in — he probably saw my initial terror. He did a fine job.

The Gospel reading that day was Matthew 13:1-9, the parable of the sower. In my imagination standing there in the chapel in the silence with my eyes closed, I saw Jesus as the seed. The Word battling rocks, blazing sun, thorns, and even birds. This seed sown far and wide, through all sorts of means. Means like looking to those who came before us, humor, and, of course, writing. Whatever the means, we work to scatter this seed, The Word, everywhere we go.

One means we use at Koinonia is our blog. Have you read it lately? Take a look at the Peacemakers Series. If you want the seed to take deep root in you, take inspiration from these Peacemakers as we do. Each guest room is named for one of them. Sometimes I stop to read the bios hanging on the walls to gain some perspective and inspiration. Their lives stir my imagination.

Take a look at member Steve Krout’s recent interview with Café Campesino. One of the difficulties living in community? People. One of the joys of living in community? People. A sense of humor helps us navigate this life together. Steve is one funny man. Humor is another way the seed is sown.

I asked Katie Miles to choose a past Brief Thought she likes and she chose “None Should Perish” from September 2018.* It is my intention to sow seed far and wide with these writings. Writing them helps to sow the seed deep within me where it can’t be stolen, scorched, or choked or that’s my hope.

Beyond our blog, here are a couple suggestions for your summer reading — The Diary of Jesus Christ by Bill Cain and Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal by Christopher Moore. Both are imaginative tales and both contain humor and poignancy. They stretch the imagination and are another means to sow the seed.

The Logos wants to take root in us. The seed is sown far and wide through all sorts of means. May you find your own way to sow the seed. 

*I chose “None Should Perish” from September 2018. I think Bren’s reflection on God’s “all-pursuing love” is good food for thought and should be revisited or read for the first time if you missed it way back in 2018. –Katie