Adopt a Tree Program- Proceeds Support Koinonia Farm


One rainy Christmas day, Koinonia Farm co-founder Clarence Jordan was found out in the orchard planting pecan trees.

“What in the world are you doing out here, Clarence?” someone asked. “It’s Christmas Day! It’s raining, and you’ll never benefit from those threes. It takes 25 years for them to produce anything.”

Clarence replied, “I’m planting them for the people who are coming after me.”

Pecans Fall 2017

When Clarence Jordan planted those trees at Koinonia Farm in the 1960s, he knew they would touch lives for generations to come. He was right. Since then, thousands upon thousands of people have come to experience Koinonia’s “demonstration plot for the Kingdom of God.” And the trees continue to sustain the community he founded and to help our community feed the hungry.

As awareness has grown about the environmental danger of chemicals — pesticides, herbicides, fungicides — we made the decision to transition to natural, chemical free management of our orchards. The focus is to improve soil health and to spray the trees with compost tea and other organic sprays. By contributing funds to help with this biological management, you assure that Koinonia’s good work continues not only today, but also “for the people who are coming after us.”

The Adopt-a-Tree project helps not only to maintain Koinonia’s orchards, but also the bakery, and pecan processing plants so that we may continue feeding the hungry through sustainable agriculture, education and hospitality. It also helps us in our work with the Sumter County Area Ministerial Association, a local ministry that offers aid to those in need, the Foods Resource Bank, an international organization that helps farmers establish and maintain sustainable agricultural projects to provide food for their communities and the Harvest of Hope, a local food pantry that Koinonia Farm members and interns serve at weekly.

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