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A partner donates or purchases $50 or more on a monthly basis.

Koinonia Farm turns 75 in 2017. We would not be here without the help received from our friends through the years. Friends have prayed for us. Friends have supported us in countless other ways. In the 1950s when the community was being dynamited and shot at, friends sent support by way of both materials and money. When the economic boycott ensued and no one in the area would buy from or sell to Koinonia, we began the direct mail order business and friends rallied and bought products in order that the community survive. When we launched the partnership housing movement and started building homes for those who needed them selling the homes at no profit and no interest, friends came by the thousands to help build them and friends sent the financial resources to support this ministry and the many others we have worked on through the years.

Koinonia continues to receive donations. People continue to come to participate in our various ministries. And the direct mail order business remains our primary source of income to this day. Through it, Koinonia earns the majority of its budget for the year in two months — November and December. But we are still serving, still working, still living and still welcoming folks to the farm the rest of the year as well. A steady monthly income from our partners helps to insure the survival of this experiment in Christian living known as Koinonia Farm. Our partners are vital and for them we are very grateful.

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