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Black Lives Matter

We know that in God’s eyes all lives matter, but at this time in our country’s history God is exercising his preferential option for Black people. For too long, injustice has reigned for them, beginning with slavery, then the convict lease system, Jim Crow, and the lost legacy of the Civil Rights Movement.

Koinonia stands with African Americans, deploring violence and demanding justice in all areas of the criminal justice system: police departments, courts, legal representation, and jails and prisons. The peace that Koinonia has dedicated its life to since 1942 will only come when the violence of the system comes to an end.

As we continue to work for justice and pray for peace, we are also listening to our Black siblings as they share their experiences. From past voices like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Fannie Lou Hamer to present teachers like Austin Channing Brown and so many others, we are here to listen and learn.

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