Kathleen sitting outside

Our beloved Kathleen Monts has retired. After a successful 33 year career in education, she joined Koinonia on November 1, 1999. None of us know what we would have done without her. She took on so many projects these past 22 years and has done them all splendidly. No matter the project, she was always our liaison to the wider community and always quietly guided all of us at the farm.

One of her favorite projects was the Circle of Friends Ministry, a gathering of elders from the surrounding area. She facilitated this group as they met for fellowship, to do service for others, for field trips, for educational programs, for picnics, and more.

Circle of Friends sitting outside
Circle of Friends in 2019

Kathleen led innumerable beautifying projects at Koinonia (there is no end to a working farm needing a good cleaning and decluttering). She headed up Koinonia Community Outreach Center and its many program offerings including an afterschool program and a summer camp for youth. She managed mortgages and properties from Koinonia’s Partnership Housing days. She was responsible for overseeing the handsorting of our pecans. She imbued every pecan with love.

Kathleen standing next to "Great Koinonia Pecan Sort-a-Thon 2021" sign
Kathleen at “The Great Koinonia Pecan Sort-a-Thon 2021”

Kathleen wanted to retire quietly without any fuss. We couldn’t allow that to happen — we surprised her with a retirement party. When she entered the dining hall, it was probably the longest sustained standing ovations we’ve ever had. She gave us a big smile so we knew she wasn’t mad us for making a fuss over her. Whew!

Banner in the Koinonia Dining Hall that reads "We Love You Miss Kathleen!"
Angela, Kathleen, and Bren in the dining hall

For all of you who we have spent time with her at Koinonia, you can make a fuss, too. Write her at kathleen@koinoniafarm.org. She’ll love hearing from you.

We’ll miss her but she’s promised to come see us often. Thank you for everything, Miss Kathleen!

Kathleen sitting in her office