Plot of buckwheat

From a distance, this just looks like an ordinary plot of buckwheat. But when you look closer, there are so many good things happening!

Quails in the buckwheat plot

A few quails are hunting for their breakfast in the buckwheat plot.

Orange butterfly in the buckwheat plot

Butterflies are enjoying the buckwheat flowers.

Bumblebee up close on buckwheat flowers

A lot of bees are buzzing around the buckwheat flowers as well!

Small green frog sitting on the leaves in the buckwheat plot.

A tiny tree frog is sunbathing and hunting for bugs in the buckwheat.

Dark brown butterfly in the buckwheat plot

Another beautiful butterfly in the buckwheat plot.

The gardens are a healthy, beautiful place at Koinonia. They are full of all kinds of life and we are grateful for the opportunity to take care of this land!