Here at Koinonia, we are hard at work in the garden harvesting, prepping, and taking care of our plants!

Carrot harvest on the outdoor work bench
A beautiful carrot harvest!
Baskets of collard greens in the garden
The Grow Team harvested around 45 pounds of collard greens to donate to multiple families.
Tom harvesting cabbage
Tom, a Koinonia volunteer, is helping harvest the cabbage.
wagon full of heads of cabbage
A wagon full of cabbage!
basket of strawberries in the garden
After all the challenges of weather and critters, we have strawberries to harvest. How berry exciting!
Two people adding compost from a wheelbarrow to the garden beds
Grow Team helpers are getting the tomato and pepper plot ready for planting by adding in compost.
one person hilling potatoes
It’s potato hilling time at the farm.

If you want to come see our gardens or come to Koinonia to work with us in the gardens for a 1-3 months, we would love to have you! Visit our website to learn more about short term visits or our Come, Stay Awhile, & Serve program.