Tomato Harvest

It’s been a great summer in the garden so far! We have had a great harvest of tomatoes, okra, green beans, and much more.

Okra harvest in a yellow bucket
Tomato harvest in buckets and on a screen table
Green Bean harvest in a green basket and a blue basket
Green Beans

We have had to deal with a lot of rain, which means extra pests and other problems. It’s hard work to keep the garden healthy, but we know it is worth it to have good food to feed our community and share with our neighbors!

Pest worm on a large green leaf
Garden pest
Army worm
Army Worm

Our garden has some of the prettiest flowers this summer! We have a great crop of sunflowers -some are over 10 feet tall! Many of the vegetable plants have beautiful flowers as well.

Okra Flower - yellow and round
Okra Flower
Sweet potato flower purple and white striped
Sweet Potato Flower
Sunflower with red petals
Orange Yellow Sunflowers

Summer is a great time in the garden!

Picking Okra
Picking Okra
Two people trellising tomatoes
Building the Tomato Trellis
Two people weeding rows of peas
Weeding peas