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Koinonia Grow – December in the Garden

Gardens don’t take a break during the holidays! While the bakery and shipping room were bustling with activity during our December rush, the Koinonia Grow team was hard at work in the garden. Cold weather crops like cabbage, lettuce, radishes, collards, kale, Swiss chard, and more went straight from the gardens to the community lunch table. And preparations for spring have already begun! There is always something happening in the gardens at Koinonia. Take a look!

Basket of lettuce harvested from rows of lettuce behind it.
Lettuce harvest on its way to the lunch table
Red cabbage in a garden row
Red cabbage
Green cabbage in a garden row
Cabbage plot
Radishes laying on an outdoor work bench
We tested five different types of radishes to see which ones grew best.
Up close of a broccoli plant
A broccoli head starting
Garden plot with cover crop
A lovely cover crop of mustard greens and radishes to prepare the soil for potato planting in the spring.
Turnips and greens on an outdoor work bench
Twice we tried planting turnips and these were the only ones that wanted to grow. We may only have a few, but they are beautiful and will make a delicious meal!
Garden rows of beets and carrots
Beets and carrots are growing well!
Swiss Chard in garden rows
Swiss Chard
Collard Greens and Kale ready to harvest

If you want to come see our gardens or come to Koinonia to work with us in the gardens for a 1-3 months, we would love to have you! Visit our website to learn more about short term visits or our Come, Stay Awhile, & Serve program.

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