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Koinonia Grow – Fall Gardens

It’s a busy time in the garden this month! We are harvesting, watching new plants sprout, and preparing plots for a round of fall planting.

We recently finished harvesting our grapes and even met a few new tiny friends in the vineyards.

Tiny green frog sitting on green grapes on the vine
Tiny green frog sitting on green grapes

Only about a 1/4 of our late summer planting of squash made it. The squash plants we have are doing great!

What do you do with empty spaces in the garden? You throw some seeds in there and grow more food! We had a few empty rows in a plot and used it to plant green beans.

Lady finger peas planted as a cover crop to help add nutrients back into the soil. Plus we also get to harvest some tasty peas!

Lady finger pea plants
Lady Finger Pea Plants

We have radishes sprouting too!

Radish sprouts in the ground
Radish Sprouts

We are also preparing plots for fall planting. We’ll be planting broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and more!
First we till the plot and then we rake it to level the plot.

Once the plots are tilled, we still have work to do to get it ready for planting. Next we have to install the irrigation. Then we have to cut planting holes into the landscape fabric and lay it in the plot.

Garden plot tilled
Tilled garden plot

The first plot is ready for fall planting. Here we will be planting broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower.

Garden plot with landscape fabric and irrigation
Garden plot with landscape fabric and irrigation

We just finished tilling up 3 more plots to get ready for our fall planting. It’s a great time to be working in Koinonia’s gardens!

Tilled garden plots on a beautiful fall day!

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