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Koinonia Grow – Fall Planting

After a full (and hot!) summer in the garden, we are looking forward to the season changing and have started our fall planting.

First of all, a huge thank you to Flint River Fresh for providing our community garden with fall transplants of lettuce, kale, broccoli, collard greens, and cabbage! The Grow Team had started over a thousand transplants for our fall garden but one tragic weekend pests devoured the majority of them. Flint River Fresh’s Fresh Start Giveaway really helped this farmer to keep growing.

Woman in a red bandana planting green transplants
Our year long intern, Sue, is planting our fall crop of collard greens. We are planting 300 collard plants so that we will have plenty to share with the community in time for Thanksgiving.
Trays of green plants in the back of a car
Thanks Flint River Fresh!
Fall Intern, Emily, is helping plant broccoli. This day, we planted 270 broccoli transplants!
Green plants in foreground, woman in red bandana planting in background
Interns Sue and Emily are busy planting our fall crop of collard greens.
Up close fingers holding a cabbage transplant
Time to give this cabbage transplant a new home!
Man mowing a garden plot
Dan is one of our Come, Stay Awhile, and Serve volunteers. He mowed down our field peas and learned how we use them as a cover crop to add nutrients back into the soil.
Colorful peppers in a green mesh basket
Most of the pepper plants from the summer are gone but we still have a few left providing us with this colorful harvest.

The butterflies are loving the Mexican sunflowers we have planted next to the garden.

Sunrise Sky
Another beautiful sunrise in the garden.

If you want to come see our gardens or come to Koinonia to work with us in the gardens for a 1-3 months, we would love to have you! Visit our website to learn more about short term visits or our Come, Stay Awhile, & Serve program.

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