Koinonia Grow had a great year in 2022! Farmer Jenn and her team of guests, interns, Come, Stay Awhile, & Serve participants, local friends, neighbors, and more worked hard and created a beautiful garden. They grew 2560 pounds of produce! And that doesn’t include the onion harvest, which was probably around 200 pounds. Of this bounty, 700 pounds were distributed to the local community through various partnerships. The gardens also supplied weekly community lunches with some left over to preserve for future meals.

It was a great year in Koinonia’s gardens! Thanks to everyone who helped. We are looking forward to another great year and we’d love to have your help. You can learn more about visiting Koinonia on our Visit page.

Here’s a look at Koinonia Grow in 2022:

A rainbow of carrots from the January harvest.
a group of people outside sitting under a tree
Prepping potatoes to plant in February.
March brought a great collard green harvest. We donated 45 lbs to local people!
Hilling potatoes in April.
In May, Koinonia Grow partnered with Healthy Sumter to distribute boxes of fresh produce to our neighbors.
Putting up a trellis for the pepper plants in June.
Pulling out squash, zucchini, and cucumber plants in July to make room for fall planting.
Grapes in August
Woman in a red bandana planting green transplants
Intern Sue planting 300 collard green plants in September.
Preparing beds at the Jimmy Carter Boyhood Farm for fall planting in October.
Sweet potato harvest in November
We had about 65 pounds of butternut squash, 60 pounds of sweet potatoes and 30 bunches of collards ready to be taken to the food bank for their Christmas distribution.

If you want to come see our gardens or come to Koinonia to work with us in the gardens for a 1-3 months, we would love to have you! Visit our website to learn more about short term visits or our Come, Stay Awhile, & Serve program.