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Letter from Dr. King

Throughout 1956 and 1957, the members of Koinonia Farm had been harassed, shot at, and bombed for their stand against segregation. On January 26, Clarence Jordan contacted Dr. King for insurance advice, reporting that their own insurance “had been cancelled so much that we have exhausted every source we know.” Dr. King responded on February 8, 1957. He wrote:

Dear Dr. Jordan,
This is to acknowledge receipt of your letter of January 26, making inquiry concerning our insurance. It is quite true that our station wagons are covered through Lloyds of London. This contact was made for us through Alexander and Company in Atlanta, Georgia. So I would suggest that you contact Mr. Alexander and have him make direct contact with Lloyds of London in business administration I am sure that he would be more than happy to do it. You and the Koinonia Community have been in my prayers continually for the last several months. The injustices and indignities that you are now confronting certainly leave you in trying moments. I hope, however, that you will gain consolation from the fact that in your struggle for freedom and a true Christian community you have a cosmic companionship. God grant that this tragic midnight of man’s inhumanity to man will soon pass and the bright daybreak of freedom and brotherhood will come into being.

Yours very truly,
M.L. King, Jr.,

We are grateful for the life, witness, and legacy of Dr. King.

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  1. Ministry to Ministry. Love this correspondence from Dr King to Clarence Jordan. God bless the Koinonia community.

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