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Parables Part 1 – Review

Clarence Jordan’s parables “The Great Banquet” and “The Angry Banker” are now available to purchase in our online farm store! Communications Coordinator Katie Miles reviewed both sermons for their online debut.

Parables Part 1: “The Great Banquet” & “The Angry Banker”

“The Great Banquet” from Luke 14:15-24 (Cotton Patch Gospel)

“But when you give any kind of a party, invite the poor, the disabled, the crippled and the blind. It will make you very happy, because they don’t have anything with which to pay you back. Yet you’ll be amply ‘repaid’ when the truly good are made to live.” 

“The Angry Banker” from Matthew 18:21-35 (Cotton Patch Gospel)

“Then Rock sidled up and asked, ‘Sir, how often should I forgive my brother when he keeps doing me wrong? Seven times?’ ‘I wouldn’t say seven times,’ Jesus replied, ‘but seventy times seven!’”

In these short parable retellings, Clarence Jordan proves himself once again a masterful storyteller. When Jesus originally told parables in the first century, he was using familiar context and details to help his listeners understand how the Kingdom of God works. Clarence takes Jesus’ parables and updates the details for modern ears, creating the same effect. It is these details that bring the parables to life whether you have heard them before or not. “The Great Banquet” tells of a man who plans a banquet and the people he invites beg off with various excuses. “The Angry Banker” is Jesus’ way of explaining forgiveness to Simon Peter. It then becomes Clarence’s way of explaining forgiveness to the modern listener. Whether you are familiar with these parables or not, Clarence’s unique downhome storytelling in his iconic Southern drawl will capture your attention and imagination immediately. He leaves his listeners with plenty to think about long after his stories are over.

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