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Pecan Harvest 2020

Koinonia Farm’s pecan harvest is underway! There are a lot of steps to get our sustainably farmed pecans from our trees to your home. We shake the trees, sweep up the pecans, send them through machines to be washed, cracked, and shelled, and they finally end up in our sorting room to be hand sorted so only the best quality pecans are sent to our bakery. Once in the bakery, the pecans are packaged or added to classic Koinonia favorites such as Dark Chocolate Pecan Bark or Date Nut Bread. From our bakery, they go to the shipping room to be carefully packed and sent all over the world. The late fall pecan harvest is the beginning of the busiest months at Koinonia as we ship holiday gifts all around the world.

Here’s a look at our 2020 pecan harvest:

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