Honoring the Past and Paving the Way to the Future

Donate a Commemorative Brick, or several, and proceeds will support Koinonia’s many ministries. After over 75 years, Koinonia Farm needs a few new prayer gardens, pathways, and seating areas so guests can enjoy the beautiful land and peaceful atmosphere here. Clarence’s Writing Shack has undergone a restoration and we are maintaining a prayer garden in this special spot where many neighbors, visitors and members go to ponder, wonder, and pray. We are also wanting to build more prayer spots throughout the farm. With your contributions, we can continue our vision of love through service to others and keep Koinonia Farm as a place of contemplation and prayer for all who come.

Here is what you can do to help make this happen —

Visit our online farm store to order your brick and make your donation.

~ Donate $75 for a 4×8 brick — send up to 3 lines (18 characters each line) ~

~ Donate $150 for a 8×8 brick — send up to 6 lines (18 characters each line) ~

Then write your message that will be beautifully engraved on the brick —

~ Your Name ~

~ In Honor of a Friend ~

~ In Memory of a Loved One ~

~ Your Organization’s Name ~

~ Your Name and the Dates You Were at Koinonia ~

~ A Special Message to Koinonia Farm ~

~ You are Creative so Pen Your Own Message ~

You can order your brick by making a tax-deductible donation and indicating the message you would like to include on your brick at our online farm store.

You can also order a replica brick. These are perfect for displaying on a desk or bookshelf. They also make a great gift when donating a brick in honor of a loved one!

In 1957, Clarence Jordan said this about the land that is Koinonia Farm —

Fifteen years ago we went there and we bought that old, run-down eroded piece of land. It was sick. There were gashes in it. It was sore and bleeding. I don’t know whether you’ve ever walked over a piece of ground that could almost cry out to you and say, ‘Heal me, heal me!’ I don’t know whether you feel the closeness to the soil that I do. But when you fill in those old gullies and terrace the fields and you begin to feel the springiness of the sod beneath your feet and you see that old land come to life, and when you walk through a little old pine forest that you set out in little seedlings and now you see them reaching for the sky and hear the wind through them; when you walk a little further over a bit of ground where your child is buried, and you go on over to a hill where your children and all the many visitors have held picnics. When you walk across a creek where you’ve bathed in the heat of the summer. Men say to you “Why don’t you sell it and move away?” They might as well ask you, “Why don’t you sell your mother?” Somehow God has made us out of this old soil and we go back to it and we never lose its claim on us. It isn’t a simple matter to leave it.

Thank you for ordering a brick or bricks to support our ministries and build pathways around the farm. Your donation honors Koinonia Farm’s legacy and propels this community into the next 75 years.