Business - Koinonia Farm

Our Products

Koinonia Farm has always supported its work and community by selling what we grow and produce. In 1942, we offered eggs, chickens, milk and hogs… and these days, we offer pecans, chocolate, books, and more! Our mail order business began during the 1950s, when Koinonia was being boycotted for its racial integration and equal treatment of human beings. And we continue today, by mail, phone and also online. Whether you are interested in our books and media, or our delicious foods and coffee, order today—you will enjoy your Koinonia products, and also know that your purchase supports our daily work and ministries.

Online Bakery Store

The folks in the Koinonia bakery offer treats perfect for any occasion, all year round—with the highest quality ingredients, delicious recipes, and small, hand-made batches. Browse our selection of chocolate, granola, peanut butter, pecan butter, jams & jellies, Koinonia pecans, as well as Fair Trade coffee and much more!

Online Bookstore

Your source for books about and by Clarence Jordan and Koinonia Farm. We carry a diverse selection of inspiring books, DVDs, and CDs related to Koinonia and its core values of peacemaking, brother & sisterhood, and sharing.


Print catalog

Koinonia Farm’s attractive annual catalog contains a listing of all the goodies from the bakery, our books and media, crafts and more! We’ll gladly send you a copy—or a dozen for your friends or favorite group.



The ministries of Koinonia are strengthened by your financial support. Help us continue our service to others by donating today.