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Brief Thoughts from Bren

Communications Coordinator Katie Miles leaves her job at Koinonia at the end of this month and Bren wanted to take the opportunity to say not “goodbye” but “see you again soon” to our friend and colleague.
Let’s step off our islands into the same boat. Let’s rebuild our connections
There are scenes to stir the imagination should we choose to engage them: a colt tethered, palm branches waving, an alabaster jar opened, a meal, a garden, a Roman instrument of torture, and a rooster that crows.
Why does the intern curriculum include a reading about humility? For certain, the health of a community is in danger without it.
Not all of us have had or will have the chance for a long goodbye. But whatever the goodbye, take the time to make it as holy a goodbye as you can.
Kind. Lovely. Real. Rosalynn Carter.
October 29th marked the 54th anniversary of Clarence Jordan’s death. ... I hope he doesn’t mind a tip of the hat from time to time.
Silence is at the heart of every great spiritual tradition. More than 5,000 years old, it isn’t a recent invention.
Sue went on, “I found myself looking at each person who came in and seeing Jesus in them. Not so much me being Jesus, but them. They were.”
In general, as a society, people are only halfway here. We are always starting one task before finishing another. Attention spans are growing smaller and smaller. The ability to concentrate is slipping. We live life on the run. Statio can help us with all
We just celebrated Pentecost Sunday, which marks the birth of the church and highlights the important work of the Holy Spirit. The work of this Third Person of the Trinity is to gather people, give life, and unify. Any community should desire such gathering,
Earth Day is a time to take stock of both the good and the bad. It is a time to be thankful for any progress made to care for the Earth. It is a time to acknowledge that there is much, much more to
Would that every person reading these brief thoughts go out and invite someone they don’t know particularly well into their home for a meal and conversation. It just may be that the light would turn up a bit brighter. When we bemoan the darkness
Surely the original soil from which humankind arose was rich and life-filled. At Koinonia, Jenn and Michael are making every attempt to set the table for those coming after them. Life begets life. Thank you, Jenn and Michael. You give us hope. You give
Lamenting is an important part of our faith, even if it isn’t a part of our U.S. culture. Jesus lamented. The Psalms lament. We even have a whole book in the Hebrew Scripture named Lamentations. When we don’t grieve, we don’t heal.