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I became aware of Charles Bradley in 2015 and instantly took to his music. There was something in him that reminded me of two biblical figures that I’ve long loved: David, the psalmist, and Jeremiah, the weeping prophet. Bradley had both the heart and
In many of the people I grew up with, I see a Christianity that is not informed by spiritual and civil rights leaders like Sojourner Truth, Martin Luther King, and Cesar Chavez. I wonder how differently our country would have been shaped had we
There’s the longing of the Advent season and there’s the excitement that is the Christmas season. I love both of those feelings.
Leisure is an end in itself, a time to dwell on the beauty of creation, to read a challenging book, to be carried away listening to a soaring symphony, to catch one’s breath at a stunning work of art, a time to step back
Good art, good literature, helps us imagine what a new normal and a new world can be. It is vital in times like these to seek out that which helps us imagine a better world and encourages us to work together, perhaps in small
The father went on directing his remarks to Naomi, “You aren’t one of us. Why would my children play with you?” Naomi looked at the grown man. She could see kindness in his eyes even though his tone and words did not match it.
Grace must be lived and breathed. Perhaps you are not where you want to be today -- Breathe. Live into the grace offered to you from God. And, don’t worry. Things take the time they take.
There’s a beauty and grace to Li-Young Lee’s writing that touches something deep inside of me. When I read “The Gift”, my inner child cries out in longing for something he never experienced.
Time has been different since March 2020. Up on a white board in my office, I have started keeping a list of names of people that through the years I’ve often thought, “I should get in touch with her or him or them.” All
I glanced out the window and noticed Peanut trying to get the attention of a passerby. It often seems like he expects a tasty treat from anyone that has the privilege of walking near him. I smiled as I thought, “I have something in
Visitation happens through a glass and over a telephone, which has very low volume and lots of static, making it even more difficult to hear and understand each other. These men have not committed a crime. They are in prison because they are undocumented.
It isn’t enough for us to say that we abhor war, we must train in peace daily if we wish to see an end to what Bobby Kennedy called “the mindless menace of violence.”
Whether our imaginations lead us to playing in water with hippos or laughing with Jesus, let us be reminded of how beautiful it is to be human and to have such experiences, holy gifts from God.
Know that the Koinonia commitment to live day in and day out treating all as brothers and sisters who are called to care for one another will not fade. Koinonia is a small place, but with all the resources we have, we will continue
Christ weeps with those that mourn the loss of a loved one. He gently speaks: “Beloved, in the night when you cannot sleep, I will wait with you for the morning. When you cannot eat, I will fast with you. We suffer together. I