Clarence Jordan Symposium September 28-29, 2012

CJ-by-Greg-JoensClarence Jordan Symposium

September 28-29, 2012 –
Americus, Georgia

Soujourner Magazine readers, please call 229-924-0391 to register.

$195 General Public

$150 Students
Includes Friday evening at the Rylander Theater, all workshops on Saturday and Saturday lunch.



Friday, September 28, Dinner with the Carters:
Would you like to have dinner with a former President of the United States?  Join President Jimmy Carter and former First Lady Rosalynn Carter at the historic Windsor Hotel on September 28, 2012, at 5:30 pm.

This intimate time with the Carters will give you and your traveling companions a chance to enjoy dinner before the official opening of the Clarence Jordan Symposium at the Rylander Theatre which is located  just across the street from the hotel set to begin at 7:00 pm.

Friday, September 28, 2012 Location:  Rylander Theatre, Americus

7:00 PMWelcomeLenny Jordan / Kirk Lyman-Barner
7:15-7:30 PMOpening RemarksPresident Jimmy Carter
7:30-8:00 PMImpersonation of Clarence JordanAl Staggs
8:00-9:00 PMCotton Patch GospelTom Key

Saturday, September 29, 2012 Location:  Georgia Southwestern University

9:00-9:15Welcome and housekeepingBren Dubay, Director Koinonia Farm
9:10-9:30Keynote 1Joyce Hollyday, United Church of Christ Historian
9:35-9:45A moment of whimsyTed Swartz, Actor and Humorist
9:50-10:15Keynote 2Shane Claiborne, The Simple Way
10:15-10:30A moment of whimsyTed Swartz, Actor and Humorist
10:30-10:50Break and move to breakout sessions
10:50-11:50Breakout Sessions
Track 1-Arts and StorytellingTom Key – Humor and storytelling
Philip Gulley
Track 2-Church and SocietyGreg Wittkamper-Americus highschool graduate and former Koinonia resident
Greg Cary- Professor of New Testament, Lancaster Theological Seminary
Tim Downs, Conference Minister, Southeast Conference United Church of Christ, A Christian Witness in the Deep South
Track 3-Christian CommunityJonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, The Rutba House & Shane Claiborne, The Simple Way
Track 4-Fair Trade, Stewardship and AgricultureTripp Pomeroy and Bill Harris, Jr. Owners, founders of Cafe Campesino and Cooperative Coffees
 12:00-1:30LunchBookstore Open
 1:30-1:50Key Note 3Charles Marsh-Center for Lived Theology, University of Virginia
 1:50-2:00A moment of whimsyTed Swartz, Actor and Humorist
 2:00-2:15Break and move to breakout sessions
 2:15-3:00Breakout session
Track 1-Arts and StorytellingAl Staggs, Theologian and Clarence Jordan Impersonator
Track 2-Church and SocietyNora Tisdale, Professor of Homiletics, Yale Divinity School
David Snell, President of The Fuller Center for Housing The History and Future of the Affordable Housing Movement
Ronnie McBrayer, Author, Pastor
Ann Coble, Author, Professor of Historical Society
Bill Carlson, Professor of History and Political Science, Bethel University
Track 3-Christian CommunityDon Mosley, Jubillee Partners-“Christian Peacemaking”
Linda Fuller
Dolphus Weary
Track 4-Fair Trade, Stewardship and AgricultureWayne Wiseman-The Permaculture Project
3:00-3:15Return for Final Panel Discussion
3:15-3:25A moment of whimsyTed Swartz, Actor and Humorist
3:25-4:30Panel DiscussionDavid Hooker, Presenter and Moderator
4:30-4:40A moment of whimsyTed Swartz, Actor and Humorist
4:40-5:00Closing SpeechPhilip Gulley, Quaker Minister, Humorist and Author
5:00-5:30Bookstore Open

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