Working at Koinonia Farm
Sorting pecans, grapes on the vine, honey nut peach cake in Koinonia’s bakery

Koinonia invites you to share your skills and talents with our community. We are accepting applications for those able to commit to a one, two or three-month term. In exchange for work, participants receive room and board and Koinonia waives all hospitality fees for those accepted into the program. Learn more on our Come, Stay Awhile, and Serve page or email

Here is a general list of work duties —

Year Round
● archives (previous experience required)
● bakery
● caring for the animals (not always available)
● cleaning
● construction projects (not always available)
● cooking
● garden, orchards, vineyards (not always available)
● general maintenance
● library
● off farm ministries

January and February
● pruning and mulching grapevines and blueberry bushes

March through October
● landscaping
● mowing
● weed eating

● harvest blueberries

● harvest grapes

September through December
● bakery (busiest time of year)
● shipping (busiest time of year)

October through November (varies depending upon the pecans)
● pecan harvest – orchards, sizing and cracking plants

October through April (varies depending on size of the harvest)
● sort pecans in sorting plant