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Koinonia Farm History

clarencecotton Founded in 1942, Koinonia Farm has a wealth of history to explore—Clarence Jordan, community living, sustainable agriculture, local African American history, the civil rights movement, the birth of Habitat for Humanity, the Fuller Center for Housing and other organizations, involvement in many peace and justice movements, and much more! Learn more on our site by choosing from the options at left.

Watch a movie or listen to Clarence Jordan online on our Clarence Jordan page, or on audio CDs available from our online store or by calling toll free 1-229-924-0391.

For more recent happenings, see our online archives of news.

Want to curl up with Koinonia history offline? Dallas Lee’s excellent history of Koinonia, Cotton Patch Evidence: The Story of Clarence Jordan and the Koinonia Farm Experiment 1942-1970, as well as many more Koinonia-related books and DVDs are available at our online bookstore.


The Koinonia community grieves the loss of Mrs. Rosalynn Carter. We treasure every moment we were able to spend with her. She, President Carter, and the whole Carter family have been such good neighbors and friends to Koinonia. Mrs. Carter was a peacemaker who, through her work both close to home and further afield, always embodied “love through service to others.” We pray for her, her family, her friends, the City of Plains, and Sumter County. We grieve with them and yet rejoice in the example she has given to all of us and the world.
President and Mrs. Carter pictured here on a visit to Picnic Hill at Koinonia Farm in 2019 on the 10th anniversary of Millard Fuller’s death.