Pecan Orchard
  • 2019- The Year of the Pecan!

    2019- The Year of the Pecan! Koinonia Farm is declaring 2019 The Year of the Pecan! We are planting a new pecan orchard, renovating the bakery, and continuing our usual service to others both on and off the farm. Learn more on our Year of the Pecan webpage.

  • A Place of Peace

    A Place of Peace We work to create an environment and a rhythm of life conducive to prayer and contemplation. We dedicate our lives to non-violence, and to the pursuit of peace and reconciliation of all people.

  • A Place of Service

    A Place of Service Service is born out of our life together. Service takes place on and off the farm often in the many small ways we help each other and others. Guests often join us in our work and service.

  • A Place of Fair Trade

    A Place of Fair Trade When you buy our Fair Trade Chocolate, Coffee, Tea, or Olive Oil, you can be sure the farmers who grew the ingredients are being paid a fair wage and are able to support their families. Fair Trade is good for you and good for those who produce your food.

  • Visit Our Online Farm Store

    Visit Our Online Farm Store Shop all Koinoina Farm's products in our online farm store. You'll find all Koinonia's favorites- biologically grown pecans, Fair Trade Chocolate, handmade bakery goods, books, jewelry, and more. Every purchase you make supports Koinonia Farm.

Welcome to Koinonia Farm!

Since 1942, we have welcomed and shared with anyone and everyone regardless of race or anything else that divides people. We have a rich history, from the Jordans and the Englands founding the farm, to the bullets, bombs, and boycotts of the mid century, to the founding of Habitat for Humanity, and other ministries. Our present focus is love through service to others, joy through generous hospitality, and peace through reconciliation. Explore our site and plan to visit — we are a house of hospitality with plenty guest rooms. We would love to welcome you to the farm

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“Offering welcome is basic to Christian identity and character,” writes scholar Christine Pohl. Koinonia has been extending hospitality to all since 1942.

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A Word from Clarence


Join us in Americus, Georgia, for a gathering to celebrate Clarence Jordan’s prophetic witness by plotting how to build up a new world of peace, community, and racial justice today. In addition to keynotes from leaders of today’s God Movement, the Symposium will offer trainings in nonviolent direct action, moral fusion organizing, and sustaining practices for Christian community.

Intensive pre-symposium trainings will be offered here at the farm during the day on Thursday, March 8th.

Symposium opens Thursday evening and ends Saturday hosted by the First Baptist Church and First Methodist Church in Americus.

Koinonia Family Reunion to celebrate Koinonia’s 75th Birthday takes place back at the farm on Sunday, March 11.


Wish Koinonia Farm a Happy Birthday!

A big year ahead as Koinonia turns 75. Help us create a walkway to and a prayer garden at Clarence’s Writing Shack to celebrate this momentous occasion.

Donate a commemorative brick to wish Koinonia Farm a Happy Birthday!


Latest News
Latest News

Koinonia Farm is looking for a farmer!
We are seeking one or more individuals with the vision and capability to manage an ecologically, socially, and financially responsible farm enterprise on the land with which we have been entrusted. We have thought through and are open to a variety of arrangements including cash rentals, crop shares, partnership, and employment. We are looking for a long-term partner. Our request for proposals is open to experienced farmers looking to start, expand, or take over management of a certified organic farming business. For more information, read our Request for Proposals page here.

TV Appearances:
We have been working with local station WALB to share our story. You can watch all three parts to our recent conversation on Dialogue with Bren Dubay, Norris Harris, and Kathleen Monts online here- Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.
Keep an eye out for more local TV coverage in the coming weeks!


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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

2019 is The Year of the Pecan!
Year of the PecanKoinonia Farm has declared 2019 to be the Year of the Pecan! We’re preparing the land to plant a new orchard with about 800 trees. We’re also renovating the bakery, the heart of Koinonia Farm. On top of all this, we’re continuing our usual service to others through hospitality and all our other ministries and projects on and off the farm.
We need your help! You can sponsor a pecan tree or give a donation to the bakery or our general needs. For more information, visit our Year of the Pecan webpage.

2019 Internships
The 2019 spring internship beings soon, but we have two more internship terms coming up in 2019 —Summer (June-August), and Fall (September-January). Adults of all ages and walks of life are invited to apply. For more information and to fill out an interest form, visit our internship page.Interns Pruning Grapes

Come See Us!
Every Monday-Friday at noon the community gathers to have lunch. We eat delicious food, share the table with old friends and new friends, and pause from our busy work day to recenter and remember that people are more important than even the best work. We’d love to have you join us! Register on our visit page.

Koinonia Farm Then and Now
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