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Katie Miles Headshot
Hello! My name is Katie Miles.

I came to Koinonia a few years ago for the spring internship and now it is my great good fortune to guide others through the application process as the Communications Coordinator here at Koinonia Farm. I’m happy to help.

Thank you so much for your interest in interning with us. The first step is to fill out an interest form. We’d love to get to know a little about you. I’m usually able to get back in touch within 24 to 48 hours after receiving the form, but if you need anything before then, please email me at internship@koinoniafarm.org. Until then, so you will know more about Koinonia, feel free to explore our site, read about the internship program and take a look at FAQs. Due to the high transmission rate of COVID 19 variants, all participants in this program must be fully vaccinated.
Thanks again for your interest,
P.S. I hope you will watch Emily Ling’s slide presentation below. Emily came as a summer intern then applied and stayed on for the one-year internship. Enjoy!