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We make all our bakery products by hand, in small batches, and with the best organic, all-natural ingredients. We’ve been making many of these treats for almost 75 years! Each time you buy one of our products, you are supporting care for the earth and people.


Oat Nut GranolaSHOP
Full of natural, organic, and local ingredients, our granola is a staple of breakfast tables all over! Made from a blend of organic oats and wheat flakes, sunflower seeds, local honey, Koinonia pecans, and organic Georgia-grown peanuts


Gourmet Party MixSHOP
A crunchy blend of pretzels, garlic sesame sticks, toasted corn, roasted peanuts, cashews, almonds, pumpkin seeds, and Koinonia-grown pecans. Perfect for any party or just an ordinary, delicious afternoon snack!


Blueberry JamSHOP
We use blueberries fresh from our farm, organic sugar, and Pomona’s Real Fruit Pectin for a low-sugar recipe that’s full of flavor. This seasonal treat isn’t around for long, so don’t miss out! While supplies last.


Muscadine Grape JellySHOP
We started selling grape juice and “grape-cider concentrate” with chopped up pecans (a delicious ice cream topping!) in 1959. Since then, we have perfected a grape jelly recipe with Muscadines picked right from the farm and organic sugar.


Raw HoneySHOP
Our honey hails from Weeks Honey Farm, a family owned business in nearby Omega, Georgia. This is the honey we use in our own bakery for our Honey Nut Peach Cakes and our Oat Nut Granola. We have Raw Wildflower Honey and Raw Orange Blossom Honey from which to choose.


Pecan PieSHOP
A Southern classic we’ve made even better with all the traditional flavor and no corn syrup. Our recipe has honey, cane sugar syrup, brown sugar, and all natural vanilla flavoring. This gooey, scrumptious pie is perfect for any holiday party or a normal weekday afternoon!


Pecan Stuffed DatesSHOP
Jumbo pitted dates filled with freshly roasted pecans. A treat that is both sweet and really good for you!