Out of our life together comes service to others. Our focus is to feed the hungry both physically and spiritually. Feeding the hungry looks different at Koinonia Farm than it would at a soup kitchen or another food program. We believe, like Mother Teresa said, that our nation suffers a deep spiritual poverty — a hunger far deeper than the physical hunger we experience. We seek a more holistic way to address these hungers. It is our desire to help inspire and empower those who come spend time with us, so they, too, may feed the hungry wherever they are.

Hospitality and Spiritual Renewal: Since 1942, people of all faiths, no faith have come to visit Koinonia to engage more deeply in a life rooted in Jesus’ teaching.

Education: Throughout our history, Koinonia has offered an internship program in one form or another. This program thrives today. We also host workshops and seminars on a wide variety of topics.

Prayer and Spiritual Direction: Our 575 acres is a place of beauty and peace, a perfect place for contemplation and prayer, for directed and private retreats.

Programs for youth: An annual summer time event is Peacebuilders Camp bringing young people together from varying backgrounds and from various geographical locations. The curriculum is based on the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.

Area Programs: We serve monthly at the Stewart Detention Center, the Harvest of Hope and at Community Services Ministry.

Peace & Justice: Peacemaking is a core value of Koinonia, and our work for peace has taken many forms over the years. At present, we are involved with Palestinians and Israelis who are working together for peace.

Circle of Friends: Area elders’ gather to share conversation, music, physical exercise, delicious food, classes on health, finances, gardening and more. They take field trips, too, both for recreation and for service. They visit shut ins and also area nursing homes.

Fair Trade and Organics: We work to grow healthier food, to heal the land, to make healthier and more justly produced items available.

Seasonal Employment: Koinonia is usually able to hire a number of neighbors during our annual pecan harvest and holiday rush seasons.

Individual Calls to Service: Many of our members serve regularly in the Sumter County community by individual calling. We mentor students, visit and/or write to those who are incarcerated or ill, serve with our local churches and more.

Responding to the Needs of the Time: Whether responding to a natural disaster, driving children to school, or helping out another local service organization in need, Koinonians continually strive to come together as a group to love and serve our neighbors in ways both large and small, unnoticed and public.

Sowing Seeds: Koinonia has been a catalyst for the transformation of countless individuals and the creation of many organization — Habitat for Humanity International, Jubilee Partners, The Prison & Jail Project, The Fuller Center for Housing … and, by the time you read this, perhaps more.