Jim Dubay leads tour of pecan plants at Koinonia Farm.Koinonia Farm is proud to announce a new opportunity with Airbnb to provide a behind the scenes tour that follows the journey of a pecan from the tree to the bakery. Ride in a wagon pulled by a tractor and listen as Norris tells stories about the pecan orchards and the people who work them. Follow Jim as we explains the pecan plant and what part each machine plays in harvesting, cleaning, cracking, and sorting the pecans.

Listen as Kathleen explains the different varieties of pecans and what it looks like for Koinonia to hand sort all their pecans.

Visit Geneva in the bakery and get hands on experience with some of your favorite Koinonia products. And, of course, join us for a delicious handmade lunch!

We are beginning our tours on October 15 and will have these experiences available on Mondays and Fridays throughout the fall and holiday season.

For more information and to sign up for your Social Impact Experience today, visit Koinonia’s Airbnb site.