Interviewer Scott Morrison asked Clarence Jordan, “What sort of advice do you have for people … what is the best thing we can do to help the world be a better place in which to live?” Clarence responded, “Before we can do anything, we have to be something. Our actions have to spring from our inner character.”

You, our donors, sustain us. You have allowed us to continue since our founding in 1942 — even in a difficult year like 2020. Your donations helped us survive this year of the pandemic. Now we are asking you to help us thrive as we move forward beyond COVID. As Clarence Jordan said, Before we can do anything, we have to be something. Our actions have to spring from our inner character. The work we do comes out of the life we live. And we cannot live that life without your help.

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In the midst of a very difficult year for everyone, you stepped up to donate, encourage, pray for and support us. You purchased products —  pecans, chocolate, granola and more.. For Koinonia to thrive, we ask you to continue your support and purchases. When you donate to Koinonia or buy our products, you are working with us to help make the world a better place, and provide a model for a way to live. Our normal is to live a life, in every action large or small, of love through service to others, of joy through hospitality and of peace through reconciliation.

Even with the pandemic, we finished planting the new 500-tree pecan orchard and have all 500 trees sponsored. The harvest of our certified-organic pecans was plentiful.  We were able to harvest with a desticker machine that many of you helped us purchase. We also received a major grant to continue growing  grapes, blueberries, fruit, and vegetables. Our work continues through the Hospitality Beyond Borders program, our internship, and locally in our community.

Pecan Harvesting Equipment in the Orchards
2020 Pecan Harvest

With your continued support, we can work together to make Koinonia’s vision a reality–what Clarence Jordan called “a demonstration plot for the Kingdom of God.”

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Prepare to Thrive with new pecan tree