Service Trips for College Students and Youth Groups

Flexible Dates
College students and youth groups interested in a service visit are welcome. Koinonia Farm has many projects for which we need help: painting, cleaning, pruning fruit trees, for example. There are also many historic sites nearby:  President Jimmy Carter Historical Sites in Plains, Andersonville Civil War Prison and POW Museum, the Albany Civil Rights Institute, and others. On your time off, we recommend that you visit some of these./p>

Come Stay Awhile & Serve

Flexible Dates
This popular option includes both work and learning. Guests join us from 1 to 3 months. An application is required, and enrollment begins and ends on a fixed date. Please call to check for opening dates. You perform, right alongside us, the daily tasks around the farm. You also have the option to attend talks given by community members during your stay and are welcome to join us for worship and community meals. Some use this time to sponsor and perform a needed work project as a gift to the community. For example, one group raised the money to buy…

Lunch & Tour

Package Dates
Welcome Center, Koinonia Farm
Lunch You won’t go away hungry. We’re continually working to grow healthy food and share it with others. Lunch is served in our dining hall at noon, Monday through Friday. Tour There is much to see at the farm. Want to know how pecans are harvested? Let us […]

Dining Hall and Reading Room Rental

Package Dates
Our Dining Hall, which will accommodate 100 people, is available for rental. Cost is $100 for the first 2 hours and $50 for each additional hour. Guests are responsible for set-up and clean-up. The Reading Room will accommodate 35 people. Koinonia will set up chairs. Rental is $100 for the first 2 hours and $50 for each additional hour.

Come Rest & Renew

Flexible Dates
Koinonia Farm
Come Rest & Renew visits begin on September 6. You may register for three to six nights.  Guests who come for a peaceful retreat, have an unscheduled stay with us. You are welcome to join us for worship and community meals, but there are no requirements for you. While you are here with us, you will rest, and we will not schedule any work with us. Helpful Information: Please register at least 1 month in advance. Space is limited. Lunch Monday through Friday lunch Tuesday through Thursday provided. You are welcome to attend our daily chapel services and our Sunday…