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Internship References


Thank you for taking the time to provide a reference. Your opinion matters and is critically important to the applicant review process. Please know that no information you provide will be given to any third parties. Only the Koinonia team that makes decisions about who is invited to participate in the internship will view your recommendation.

If you are not familiar with Koinonia Farm, please take a moment to read a brief history. To find out more, feel free to peruse our website or give us a call at 229 924-0391.

For the purposes of providing a recommendation, we hope this may be of help to you:


  • Since the community’s founding in 1942, the internship has been, along with hospitality, a central ministry.
  • It is not what many think of when they think “internship” — it is an immersion into a way of life. It is open to people of all ages, individuals, single parents, married couples with or without children, etc.
  • The internship is for those interested in seeking a deeper experience in this community’s shared life of prayer, work, study, service, and fellowship.
  • There are scheduled study sessions so reading throughout the week is necessary. For this reason and many others, self-discipline is a huge asset.
  • There is a variety of physical work on the farm both outside and inside. We usually work six days a week or some portion there of.
  • We want to be sure that those selected for the internship will be emotionally and physically “safe” and capable of giving, as well as growing. The internship is not summer camp or a place to hide from the world.
  • The internship is to learn about living in an intentional way no matter what one’s vocation may be. It is a program within our community — one does not have to want to live in intentional community for the rest of his or her life to participate in the program

If you prefer, you may download a PDF version of the application, fill it out and mail it to us at Internship Program, Koinonia Farm, 1324 GA Hwy 49 S, Americus, GA 31719. The PDF version of the reference form is located here.

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