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Every home should have its “Christ Room” and every parish a house of hospitality ready to receive the “ambassadors of God.”   —Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin

Hospitality has been a part of the faithful life since earliest biblical times—after all, God hosted us in the Garden of Eden. The story of Abraham and Sarah, who offered hospitality to three strangers, and then learned that they were hosting angels unawares, is an ancient call to all people to offer hospitality generously, even to strangers … especially to strangers. Hospitality has been part of the Christian faith from its earliest time, when the believers shared meals together and with others, and later, as the monasteries were founded, pilgrims and sojourners found rest and protection within their walls.

At Koinonia, hospitality has been a part of our lives since our founding. In fact, it is the one ministry that has never changed here. No matter the ups and downs, we have always greeted visitors with a warm, “Hello!”

Way back in 1942, visitors came to learn about Christian community, to see our farming practices, and to participate in the work of reconciliation of all people. They still do. Each year we host hundreds of guests and visitors. We hope you’ll be in that number.

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