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on way to picnic hillOn Sunday evenings at Koinonia Farm, we act out the parable of community we attempt to live each and every day. We pass a blessing cup. It is to remind us of our interconnectedness not only to each other, but, especially, to the rest of the world. We are all one people. We are related. We are brothers and sisters. By sharing the cup, our hope is that all barriers to friendship fall. By the simple action of passing the cup one to another, we recommit ourselves to work for reconciliation where there is dissension, for unity where there is separation, for harmony where there is discord and we renew our commitment to work for peace and reconciliation among all people no matter geographic location, no matter color of skin, no matter gender, no matter sexual orientation, no matter age, no matter riches or lack there of, no matter creed or no creed,  and no matter anything else that has divided people through the centuries.

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