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Sponsorships and Wish List

Sponsorships and Gifts That Give

The three main ministries of Koinonia Farm are hospitality, internships, and sustainable farming. With sponsorships, you have a unique opportunity to give to these core ministries by sponsoring a pecan tree in our new orchard, an intern for a three month or year long term, and a guest for one or several nights.

You can also donate a commemorative brick or a backpack to Hospitality Beyond Borders. As with all sponsorships and donations, these gifts are tax deductible and can be given in memory or honor of a loved one.


Sponsor a Tree for $150 and be a part of the legacy of Koinonia Farm

Each sponsorship covers the cost of the pecan tree and allows Koinonia to prepare the soil, set up the irrigation, acquire needed supplies, tools, and equipment, cover biological amendments for three years.

Interns sitting down at a table for study session

Sponsor an Intern for 3 months or 1 year

Interns live at the farm for a term of 3 months or a year and all their expenses are taken care of by Koinonia- room, food, field trips, study materials, and more. Sponsoring an intern for their stay helps Koinonia continue this tradition and invest in the lives of people who come to Koinonia.

Interns sitting down at a table for study session

Sponsor a Guest for One Night or Several

To give a tour, feed a meal, and house a person for the night costs $35. We never turn a person away for inability to pay. Donate one or several night’s stay and these funds will be used to cover costs for people who can’t otherwise pay for their stay.

Donate a Commemorative Brick

Donate a Commemorative Brick or several and honor a loved one, memorialize a friend, list your name, pen well wishes to Koinonia, or be creative! Proceeds support Koinonia's ministries and will help to build paths and prayer gardens all over the farm.

Donate a Backpack

Hospitality Beyond Borders is Koinonia Farm's ministry to immigrants and detainees at nearby Stewart Detention Center. If the men are deported, they are required to wear their prison jump suits on to the plane. However, if provided, they are allowed to carry a backpack with one change of clothes. Koinonia works to provide these items.


One way to help support the life and work of Koinonia Farm is through sponsorships or purchasing items from our wish list. We are working to create a wish list online so our supporters can choose things we need for Hospitality Beyond Borders, the hospitality team at Koinonia Farm, and our other ministries. Check back soon for an updated wishlist from Koinonia.