Ways to Visit

Pecan Orchard, Grape VineyardLunch

You won’t go away hungry. We’re continually working to grow healthy food and share it with others.


We’d love to show you around the farm.

Welcome Center

Our Welcome Center offers a wide range of goods from our farm and partnering organizations.

Folks have been coming to Koinonia Farm since our founding in 1942 — people of all backgrounds, faiths and no faith. Guests come from all over the world for many reasons — to enjoy nature, to rest, to explore our legacy, the writings of Clarence Jordan, our commitment to peace and social justice, our farming practices, to see the birthplace of Habitat for Humanity, the Fuller Center for Housing, Jubilee Partners, to shop at our onsite store and for many other reasons.

It’s a peaceful place with lots of fun bustle when needed. It’s a working farm with all sorts of animals, gardens and orchards. There are walking trails and soon will be more for you to enjoy. You’ll experience the rhythm of our day and our life of prayer, work, study, service and fellowship.

Visit Recommendation

If you tell us a little about yourself, we’ll recommend the best ways for you to visit.

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Our recommendation is Come Rest and Renew or Retreats and Courses


Come, See & Serve

This popular option includes both work and learning. Guests help with daily tasks around the farm, have the option to attend talks given by community members several evenings during the week and are welcome to join us for worship and some community meals.


Come, Rest & Renew

In the 1960s, during the height of the Civil Rights Movement, scores of Civil Rights workers came to Koinonia to find respite. People are still coming to drink of the waters and find refreshment here. These visits are for all who labor and need a time for rest and renewal.


A Casual Stay

Spend a few days with us. Whether you are coming to interview for the internship, to visit family and friends who live here or simply to find out more about intentional Christian community, choose this link and…


Retreats & Courses

We offer a variety of guided retreats and courses throughout the year.