Wish List - Koinonia Farm

From the beginning, Koinonia Farm has gotten a little help from our friends. Actually, a great deal of help from our friends and for that we are very grateful. You may know the story of Arthur Steilberg … Way back when Koinonia was just a dream, he offered that he would help the Jordans and Englands with a contribution to buy the land should they find something suitable. Mr. Steilberg was true to his word and when the site was identified, he handed Clarence an envelope. Expecting a $400 or $500 donation, Clarence and Martin weren’t sure how they would raise the rest of the money for the down payment that was due in only a matter of days. When they opened the envelope, they couldn’t believe what they saw — a considerably larger sum … it was the exact amount they needed for the down payment.

Thanks for helping out with the wishes as you are able. We will update this page often.

  • 7,500 people to donate one brick each to the Commemorative Brick Program in 2017, the year of Koinonia Farm’s 75th birthday. (Read more about the Commemorative Brick Program).
  • A car for us to use on our trips to Stewart Detention Center several times a week and for general use.
  • New and gently used books for our library– fiction, non-fiction, adult, young adult, children’s books. We need a little bit of everything!
  • New sheets and pillowcases for the twin beds in our guest housing.
  • A trailer for hauling our cattle — It will be pulled by the truck given to us by Beverly and John McCracken. That wish for a farm truck once appeared on this list. Thank you Beverly and John!
  • A 27”-32″ cast bronze bell to be hung in the tower next to our chapel
  • New bath towels, hand towels and wash cloths

If you don’t have any of these items, your financial support to purchase them is always welcome.