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Koinonia Farm is an intentional Christian community, non-profit organization, working farm, and house of hospitality. To fund its various ministries and projects, Koinonia Farm grows, harvests, and sells pecans as well as Fair Trade chocolate, handmade bakery goods, and other products through a mail-order business.

Contact Information
Katie Miles
Communications Coordinator

Bren Dubay

Sandy Thornburgh
Products Coordinator

Elizabeth Dede
Hospitality Coordinator

Mission Statement: We are Christians called to live together in intentional community sharing a life of prayer, work, study, service and fellowship. We seek to embody peacemaking, sustainability, and radical sharing. While honoring people of all backgrounds and faiths, we strive to demonstrate the way of Jesus as an alternative to materialism, militarism and racism.

Vision Statement: Love through service to others – Joy through generous hospitality – Peace through reconciliation

Brief Biography: Koinonia is the Greek word for fellowship, community or communion. When Clarence and Florence Jordan and Martin and Mabel England founded Koinonia Farm in 1942, they envisioned it as a “demonstration plot for the Kingdom of God.” This meant living out the difficult parts of their faith: radical sharing, non-violence, and reconciliation across racial, religious, economic, social, any and all divides.

The unpopular beliefs led to boycotts against Koinonia in the 1950s and 1960s. During this time, the mail order business began as friends and family from all over supported Koinonia from afar. To this day, the mail order business is our main source of income.

Today we continue to serve – working for immigration reform through Hospitality Beyond Borders, sharing about sustainable farming, facilitating internships, welcoming hundreds of people each year for tours, retreats, workshops and to share in our daily life.

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Have further questions? Contact Katie Miles (katie@koinoniafarm.org) with any questions.